Knowledge Enhanced Masked Language Model for Stance Detection

We propose a novel language modeling for stance detection. We release both data and pre-trained models.

Stance Detection on Twitter

Towards Automatic Comparison of Data Privacy Documents: A Preliminary Experiment on GDPR-like Laws

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes a standard law for data protection in many countries. Currently, twelve countries adopt the regulation and establish their GDPR-like regulation. However, to evaluate the differences and similarities …

Blending Noisy Social Media Signals with Traditional Movement Variables to Predict Forced Migration

Worldwide displacement due to war and conflict is at all-time high. Unfortunately, determining if, when, and where people will move is a complex problem. This paper proposes integrating both publicly available organic data from social media and …

Understanding Knowledge Areas in Curriculum through Text Mining from Course Materials

Curriculum analysis is attracting widespread interest in educational field. There are two main approaches: (i) human-based and (ii) text-based assessments. Although an evaluation by teachers and learners are widely used, it is inconvenient and …